Benson Rukantabula

Software Projects

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Java Application Big Data Application for AQTap pump - GRUNDFOS

iPad Mini
iPad Mini app preview

Android App App for supporting small and medium scale farmers

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Website Personal Portifolio Website

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Web App Web app for volunteer jobs

Apple Watch
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Graphics Design Graphic Design work - Studiz

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AQtap Big data system

Data Visualization Developer at Grundfos – R&D Department

GRUNDFOS’ AQtap dispenser unit fetches thousands of transactions and alerts data every day generated when users interact with it. The transaction recorded are, for example, volume tapped, credits used, credit balance, type of cards used, type of activity/transaction performed etc. My job at GRUNDFOS was to study, analyze and make a big data implementation, which use these data to provide insights that could benefit GRUNDFOS to boost sales, analyze user behaviors, detect faults in dispensers before users notice them and so forth. .

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Kilimo fasta android app

Private project

Kilimo fasta android app is an app that is designed to support small and middle scal farmers in East Africa. The app features a fictional character ‘Bwana shamba’ – meaning farm expert; who on a conversation basis gives users farming advice and tips based on what information users have requested. The app was also norminated for a Vodacom Africa Apps award for young African innovations.

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Personal website


In this project I have made a personal website. Aim is to be easily reached by recruiters. In this site I have used HTML 5, CSS3 and Javascript

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Volunteer at frivilligvaerket

Web app

I am currently still working with this project on volunteerly basis. Here I am working for frivilligvaerket organisation to create a web app which will act as for volunteer job portal. A platform where volunteers and volunteers recruiters in Randers will meet.

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Graphics Designer


Studiz is founded and run by students. The mission is to gather all student discounts, so that we all easy, fast and simple can get a få overview of all the places where we can get discount. The Studiz' app gives you all your discounts directly in your smartphone, and provide you with a digital student-ID - create your account, confirm you student status, then you get access to both your student-ID and all online discounts codes. I worked for the company for few weeks doing the graphics design work.

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